Warsaw Management University is a University with 20 years of experience and 40 thousand graduates. WMU is one of the most modern universities in Poland. Since the beginning the school have emphasised overall development and education of young generation of Polish citizens and a numerous group of 1,500 foreigners. Currently, Warsaw Management University in Warsaw educates over 6 thousand students, in full- & part-time systems on 11 faculties of master and bachelor studies. The school offers possibility to study on 6 departments in Warsaw, Ciechanów, Bełchatów, Karvina in Chech Republic and in a teaching point in Warsaw-Ursus.

Owing to the highly qualified and experienced academic staff, the university is highly trusted by the students. The educational offer of WMU is continuously extended with new faculties and specialisations according to the demands of the labour market. Extending the offer, the school creates the possibility to study in English on the faculties of Management and National Security. WMU is involved in active international cooperation with universities, among others, from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Belgium, the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Russia. WMU takes active part in socio-economic life of Poland, organizes numerous conferences, including international ones, supports charity and sport, is a patron of culture. The school is a member of Business Centre Club. In the school the following are active: Student government, science clubs, Alumni Club, Career Office. Out of the care for students, there have been created unique scholarship and welfare schemes. The campus of WMU is one of the most modern academic facilities in Poland. Apart from the rich academic and educational background there are, among others, a concert and lecture hall for 700 people, sport centre (swimming pool, sports hall), student hostel, with 300 places for students, library, eating places. Actions of WMU are an example of prestige of Polish non-public academic education.


Wyższa Szkoła Menedżerska w Warszawie
ul. Kawęczyńska 36, 03-772 Warszawa

Room F202, IInd floor


Warsaw Management University

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