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3rd International Conference on Information Technologies in Management

Warsaw, Poland, 26 January 2018

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Wersja polska

Conference proceedings

Cover 2017

Papers of the 2nd International Conference on Information Technologies in Management


Faculty of Management in Ciechanów

Ciechanów, November 2017


ISSN 1897-4716

EISSN 2449-9080




Table of contents

The Integration of Innovation Management in IT Organizational Infrastructure: a methodological framework
Ricardo Eito-Brun, page 105

Internet of Things and its Potential Impact on Business
Janusz Zalewski; Fernando Gonzales, Dahai Guo, Elias Kirche, Walter Rodrigez, page 147

Development of the Algorithm of Polish Language Film Reviews Preprocessing
Nina Rizun, Yurii Taranenko, page 167

Development Trends in the Field of ICT in SMEs
Piotr Adamczewski, page 189

Software Solutions for Knowledge Workers
Mariia Rizun, page 201

Complex Event Processing in Physical Systems: a pragmatic perspective
Rafał Tkaczyk, Mateusz Bonecki, Szymon Bohdanowicz, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, page 213

Information on the Authors


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