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3rd International Conference on Information Technologies in Management

Warsaw, Poland, 26 January 2018

You are here: Conference archive > ICoITiM 2015 > Granularity of products and sets of products presentation in B2C contract selling model based on E-commerce solution
Wersja polska

Granularity of products and sets of products presentation in B2C contract selling model based on E-commerce solution

Jarosław Wojciechowski



E-commerce stores are emerging powerful. They can have thousands of visitors but the granularity of products in the Business to Customer (B2C) contract is usually low. When it comes to running an e-commerce store simple price, description and quantity button is sufficient for sellers and buyers but shoppers would be much more sure about the buy and sellers would have strict reasoning about store entity or entity and quantity sold if the product was presented in the B2C contract with more precise high granularity features explicitly coming to the contract. In this article the author give the new way of approaching this attitude in the aspect of web based user interface and information model based on e-commerce store solution which implements the new look at this matter.

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