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3rd International Conference on Information Technologies in Management

Warsaw, Poland, 26 January 2018

You are here: Conference archive > ICoITiM 2015 > Big data validation after the migration process
Wersja polska

Big data validation after the migration process

Joanna Grzeszczyk



In the contemporary business, there is often a need to accomplish Big Data migration process. Problems that concern transferring large volume of data, are so serious, that they should be treated as unique and complex projects. There is a considerable demand from the wide variety of companies for methods useful in Big Data migration projects. It is hard to imagine, that such methods are not using new information and communication technologies. The purpose of this paper is to propose the method of big data validation after the migration process based on the algorithm, whose implementation has been made in the SAS system. The described results may be useful for large corporate enterprises which, in it’ s activity, are using vast volume of data and performing Big Data migration processes.

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